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September 17, 2007

Gateway Arch proposal

Former U.S. Sen. John Danforth wants to take park land around the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and give it to commercial developers.

I was there, recently, and there are plenty of places for development in the downtown area. There is no need to destroy the park.

The Gateway Arch is an attraction that brings money to the city. The park around it makes the experience a much more pleasing experience. Commercial development would make it more of a carnival-type experience.

The view of the river should not be impeded any more than it is already. The green area by the river is a special place that should be kept as a park.

JoAnn Witt
Kansas City



I much prefer "all whores are politicians"

ok...same thing


T.Hanson: Sorry to rain on your beliefs but former Senators will always have more clout than uyou or I. That is why the developpers wanting to whore the landscape pay them. They know who the most powerful whores are, and act accordingly.

BTW: All politicians are whores. That is why they are politicians.

T. Hanson

Is former U.S. Sen. John Danforth a council member? Is he the current mayor of St. Louis? If not then his feelings are as powerful as mine.

Just Thinking

I think they should build another arch to overlap with the first and paint them both yellow. It would become even more of a symbol for St. Louis to have the country's biggest drive-up lane. That works for St. Louis.

I remember an interview with Vincent Price, who grew up in St. Louis. He was asked why he left St. Louis, to which he replied, "My good man, sooner or later everyone leaves St. Louis."



St louis was never the Gateway to the west.

They stole that distinction from Kansas City, Westport Landing and Independence.

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