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September 26, 2007

Model dog ordinance

Kudos to the Lee’s Summit’s City Council for not jumping on the knee-jerk bandwagon to ban pit bulls (9/21, Local, “News across the Metro: New controls on dangerous animals”).

Their new dog ordinance is progressive, a model other local municipalities should now study. They spent a lot of time researching and educating themselves on the realities of dangerous-dog issues, not succumbing to the hype and sensationalism.

They should be congratulated for their hard work and well-reasoned action in requiring spay/neuter. If other cities would follow, those of us who work in rescue (30 years for me) and are inundated daily by the homeless tragedy might actually see a difference.

Thanks, Lee’s Summit. You should be proud. Sorry you’re subjected to the negative Nellies.

Janette Boehm
Houston Lake, Mo.



Now we need some strong leash laws for cats.

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