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October 31, 2007

Baseball in Japan

After reading Joe Posnanski’s article on the Japan Series, I realized Americans could learn a great deal from the Japanese sports culture (10/28, A-1, “You have to see it to believe it; The game is the same, but there is a world of difference in Japan’s version of the fall classic”).

Every time I go to a Chiefs game or a Royals game, I am embarrassed and ashamed when our fans boo the opposing team or insert “Chiefs” in place of “brave” in our national anthem. We are teaching our children to be bad sports and we are disrespecting the men and women who serve our country when we do these things.

American sports could use a lot more of the dignity and honor with which the Japanese play their games.

Tracey Colonna



hey jack, did you take your son to the men's room and let him witness all those high-class fans taking a leak in the hand-washing sink while yelling cheeeeeeefs! then hurrying out without washing their hands so they could git anuther beer. redneck trash is what your son saw.


I don't think Warren Cromartie (former Royal and former Japanese MVP) would categorize the extremely racist treatment he received in Japan as "dignified" or "honorable".


I lived in a large Asian city for a good while and they can be some of the most racist people you have met...they just hide it well. At first blush, they are very respectful, but if you get to know them, a lot of their true colors come out. With regards to road rage, they just hit eachother. I've ridden in many a cab, and experienced plenty of road rage.


I originally thought the yelling "Chiefs" during the National Anthem was disrespectful. THen I read that the player like it and thought, "Well maybe it's not so bad." Then I took my youngest (who was in the Army at the time) to a game. He reaffirmed for me that the practise is disrespectful. Some times we must all be taught anew.

Stifled Freedom

If anyone has ever gone to eastern Asia, you know there is a tremendous difference in the personal respect granted between people in thier cultures versus ours. We have slowly grown very disrespectful and intolerant of one another in the US.

One example: We dont have traffic compared to the big cities in Asia. They have traffic. Sometimes 1/2 hour at each stop light. They rarely, if ever, have a road rage incident. We hear daily of fights on the road over who got in first.

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