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October 28, 2007

Fires caused by warming?

In addition to global warming causing the massive number of post-Katrina hurricanes that never happened (against all breathless, dire predictions by Al Gore and other geniuses), now it appears that global warming, according to Harry Reid, has caused the fires in Southern California.

Since that now doesn’t seem to be the case either, I guess he’ll resort to blaming someone’s propensity to commit arson on global warming.

Now that’s some kind of inconvenient truth!

Gary Pederson
Kansas City



Now Buddy don't say burnit on this topic!!
But of course I bow to your knowledge> Dick busy stealing oil from babies! Karl Rove with the Zippo in the woods. I think I won the game of clue.


DadBurnit, ZZ, wake up, it was Carl Rove with the ZIPPO, just ask Koran, CRuD, and Iggy, they will swear if was him....lmao...


The fires were started by Bush. Duh.
Posted by: T. Hanson | Oct 29, 2007 9:05:09 AM
You were so close! But of course everyone in "I hate Bush land" knows he is not smart enough to actually work the match. It was the evil puppet master Cheney! Why I hear he even bought a fiddle!!

T. Hanson

The fires were started by Bush. Duh.


Sorry, Gary. When you have a record like Reid another little found out dissemination is hardly noticeable.

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