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October 02, 2007

Getting around downtown

Regarding “KC works to give new downtown landscape a welcoming atmosphere” (9/26, A-1): This article surely is not to be taken seriously by the citizens of Kansas City or anyone wanting to attend any event in downtown Kansas City.

As we all are made aware by a number of articles in recent weeks in The Star, the atmosphere downtown will not be welcoming.

According to The Star, the attempts to go to any event at the Sprint Center (and probably many other events) is a exercise in frustration.

The frustration begins with an effort to get tickets to an event.

The next exercise in frustration is trying to get to your downtown destination. I am sure the police will try their best to direct traffic, but they can only do so much with all of the traffic restrictions.

The next (but surly not the last) act of frustration is trying to find a place near by to park.

The reporter must have had his tongue in cheek when he wrote that article.

Francis S. Maschler
Kansas City


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