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October 23, 2007

Loud boats a menace

My heart bleeds for those owners of loud boats whose rights to impose on everyone else are being constrained by unreasonable legislators (10/20, Local, “New law roils waters in Kansas; Boat motors on lakes must not register more than 86 decibels, and that has owners buzzing”).

Personally, I think all loud boats (along with loud motorcycles and cars) should be used to construct an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico. Please don’t let them come to Missouri.

Robert Powell



I take it Robert has never done any boating on the Lake of the Ozarks, where the cigarette type boats can produce as much noise as a NASCAR race. As a sailor I believe all boat motors larger than 10 HP should be banned except when used as auxiliary power for sail boats. Oh, err, and on a few "tug" types that can pull me off when grounded on a mud or sand bank.


Alan Greenspan: "the Iraq war is largely about oil".

Enjoy your time at the lake, enjoying the freedom to boat.

Freedom is just another word for "twin 454 Chevrolet rats with open headers getting 3mpg."


Let's add snowmobiles to the list. Nothing like hiking in the backcountry only to have to listen to a bunch of clods on Skidoos all afternoon. God forbid you slap on some x-country skis and burn a calorie or two.

T. Hanson

Yea.. I have no heart loss for the ones that purposly try to make their boats louder. I try to go to the lake to get away from the city/highway noise.

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