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October 25, 2007

Loud motorcycles

Saturday was a perfect fall day for a ride into the country to browse in quaint shops and relax from the pace of weekday stress. But the entire trip was marred for us and many others who had to endure hundreds of motorcyclists roaring through the little towns.

The noise was horrific. Normal speech was impossible. The riders we saw never stopped, but just kept driving around and around.

The merchants wait all year for these few weeks of sales, but the noise drove us away.

Please spare me and others the angry barrage of letters from those who love the noise and wind in your hair. I actually know nice people who own motorcycles. And I know it’s a free world. But, like cigarette smoke, noise is toxic and is also a form of torture in many countries.

All I am asking is that motorcyclists stay on the highways or byways. Please take a moment to care about how you ruined the day for so many of us who are pedestrians and shoppers.

Joan Millon




You namby pamby types are part of the problem with this country. For your information, streets, roads, thoroughfares, parkways, highways, and interstates are called Right-of-ways. Here is a little salacious bit of info that you are OBVIOUSLY not aware of… The purpose of them is for motor vehicles to DRIVE on them. Owners pay things called TAXES through federal, state, and local agencies so they can do that very thing. If you want to shop without all of the motorcycles, trucks, cars, etc. I would suggest that you leave your secluded little cul-de-sac and got to something called a SHOPPING MALL. Also couldn’t help but notice your little dig about cigarette smoke. Is there anything else that you would like to add to your little rant? Here is a suggestion… Pick the SOCIALIST utopia of your liking and move there. Stop your whining and attempting to turn my country into one!

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