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October 23, 2007

Mascot names

David Whitlock (10/19, Letters) is upset about sports teams having names or nicknames referencing American Indians or other minorities.

Here’s a thought: In the name of political correctness, let’s also rename any river, creek, street, county, park or state that in any way references the aforementioned or any other groups. Remember, we’ll have to also remove them from our history books. How do you suggest we rename them?

Being of Irish heritage, the first I want to see go is the “Fighting Irish” of Notre Dame. I’m really offended — not!

Next, we will get the animal rights people to do away with the Lions, Tigers and Bears (oh, my), Eagles, Wildcats, Mules, Buffaloes, Broncos (I’m OK with that one), the Banana Slugs of Santa Barbara, etc. By the way, what exactly is a Jayhawk?

Catholics, where is your outrage about ’Dem Saints? Music fans, the Jazz?

Please, David, and all you other PC fanatics, give it a break and concern yourselves with more important things.

Leland R. Neal
Corder, Mo.



What is a jayhawk? Two definitions - one is a mythical bird that is part hawk and part blue jay, and nobody knows where that came up. Then there's Kansas Jayhawkers, who were an abolitionist guerilla group who made regular raids into Missouri to loot and burn. In retaliation, Missouri groups such as those under Quantrill, made raids back. Makes for a great mascot, eh?


The name of the team the Royals new manager comes from is "The Nippon Ham Fighters".

Would that be offensive to pigs?


Best fantasy football team names ever:

Salad Tossing Boys

Amish Rake Fighters

Go Team!



Posted by: jack | Oct 24, 2007 3:29:16

Lacks a little punch!!



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