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October 30, 2007

Motorcyclists respond

This is in response to Joan Millon’s letter (10/26) “Loud motorcycles.”

Each year, motorcyclists bring thousands of dollars to little towns that we pass through, not to mention what we do for local charities.

Granted, there are bikers who have decided to run open pipes that are overly loud. The saying “Loud pipes saves lives” is an excuse that many cruisers have taken too far.

But please keep in mind that while you find us annoying, we may be on a ride that has collected thousands of dollars for charity.

At this year’s Bikers for Babies in Kansas City, for example, there were more than 8,000 bikes, and more then $717,000 was raised.

Please keep that in mind when shopping, and look for us on the back roads and in little towns. We may be riding or raising money for someone you know.

Chris Jones

To the poor lady complaining about loud motorcycles (10/26, Letters): I’m sorry I strayed off the highway and ruined your day of shopping. Unfortunately, not many funeral homes are located on the highway, and my motorcycle and I were busy escorting a fallen U.S. soldier to his final resting place.

Ryan Cockrum



Ms Millon might want to consider leaving town on November 4. There will be "loud motorcycles" as well as "loud cars", and "loud trucks" making this year's run for Toys For Toys. Our apologies (NOT!) for not getting her stamp of approval beforehand. Oh well...


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