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October 18, 2007

Offensive mascot

While watching the Cleveland baseball team in the playoffs, notice the Cleveland mascot, Chief Wahoo, on the ballcaps. It is time to stop using minority groups — American Indians in this case — as sports or school mascots!

David Whitlock
Kansas City



I am fervently doing the "tomahawk chop" in hopes the Indians, the white-skinned baseball variety this time, win the World Series. Daaaaa-daaa-da-da-da-daaaaa!!!!

Tom K

Time to find more ways to use Native Americans as mascots.


After following this learned discussion, it becomes clear to me that only 'inorganic" names for sports teams are allowable. Some choices could be the Nebraska Nitros (We are all blown up), the MU Muds (the Season is Getting Sticky), the K State Silos (We are all around), and the KU Cranks (Takes a few turns to get us going).


I spent a decade one year in Chattanooga, TN. I know for a fact that a being a "yankee" can make you a member of an oppressed minority.


I think you are all missing the point of the letter writter. He only has a problem with using minority groups therefore the yankees, knickerbockers, irish, etc are ok.
I can't wait until this all leads to teams that are named after ideas or feelings for the sake of not offending. Just imagine cheering for the happy team or the polite or smiling etc. Teams shouldn't be associated with cities either after all do I have to cheer for the chiefs just because I live in kc? and can't cheer for them if I don't. Just to make everthing simpler all sports should just be banned. If this helps anyone jump on my band wagon I hear Bush likes sports! C'mon everyone no more sports!


Mark, your group’s notion of a “bad pun” is redundant and superfluous, and it requires a belief in a “good pun”. Until proof of this so-called “good pun” is provided, I refuse to recognize your groups’ authority, and I will encourage others to break free of their shackles – become anti-capitalists like jack – and mash this subject to a pulp!


Mark K: Until you cease your assualt on capital letters, no one is interested in your cause! Titles of organizations and books should have the first letter of each word capitalized (unless of course the word is is "the" or "a" or "of" because no one cares about them little buggers). The case for proper capilaization shall not be lowered!

Mark K

I'd just like to say that I'm offended by terrible puns, and as a member of AABP(Americans against bad puns) I request this line of argument be stopped immediately. ;)


My favorite football team name is been the "Quakers" of Earlham University in Richmond, IN. Of course the locals have bastardized this into the "Fighting Quakers". A horrible indictment of the "plain people's" football team which should never be allowed!

Kate: I would expect that ever getting "steamed" the brocolli would most likely grab a bottle and get sauced over the insult!

BTW: Have photo-synthetic Americans expressed their opinion on who should be allowed ion the park board yet? It is important for the sake of "diversity". After all, this is truly KC's salad days!


And for the record, as a militant abolisionists (reformed), I resent being portrayed as a mythical bird. I always so muself as more of a sea otter.


I hearby deem only inanimate objects as reasonable mascots. Which begs the question, can they be the KU Mascots?


you guys are killing me...stop it...


Gary, I strongly object to the exploitation of Photosynthetic-Americans for the entertainment of rowdy fans. Surely Broccoli, Turnips, and their leafy and rooty brethren would be steamed by your suggestion. I may be a Rootless-American, but I say we must squash this idea.


BTW T's comment was darn good too....lol...


who you callin' "Turnip" Gary? lol....


As a self-appointed spokesman for the animal kingdom, I object to the use of animal stereotypes as team names and mascots. Tigers aren't always vicious. Wildcats have moms. Jayhawks - well, there isn't really any such thing as a jayhawk, so I guess that's OK. I demand that all sports teams who are demonizing members of the animal kingdom immediately change over to vegetables, for instance the KSU Broccolis and the MU Turnips.


I am tired of Notre Dame portraying the Irish as fighting people.


Yeah. It is time KU gets rid of the nickname that originated from militant abolishionists. BOOOOOO!

T. Hanson


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