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October 07, 2007

Olathe schools vote

As a whole, the Olathe School District is stellar. We have outstanding programs, and our children are well cared for. We use our resources wisely, giving kids greater and greater opportunities with each dollar we spend.

However, as is the case with any organization, the school district has room for improvement. It is seeking to make those improvements.

Ponder these questions:

Is it acceptable for some children to attend class in a closet?

Shall we compromise our children’s safety in older schools that do not have locking classroom doors?

Is it acceptable for only some children to enjoy the benefits of the most current technology?

Shall we settle for overcrowded schools in new and old areas of the district, failing to respond to the population growth of the city?

These are problems that can not be ignored and do have solutions. But as with most solutions, resources are needed. The projects in the current bond package address the questions above. The bond package outlines the solutions to these questions and more.

Watch for your bond election ballot in the mail. Vote “yes.” It is imperative that we solve the few problems of our truly excellent school district.

Dyce P. Bonham



They keep trying to close down the original Olathe High School, what is now the award winning Olathe North, because it isn't fancy enough.

Locks on doors? They need a bond issue to afford locks on doors? Is that even worth commenting on?

This is a school district that has been spending money to put in and maintain parque gym floors.

No wonder they are broke.

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