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October 23, 2007

Vaccinations needed?

I was planning to visit Washington and tour the Capitol. What shots do I need in case I encounter some of our representatives?

Kevin Peterson
Blue Springs



According to the CDC, you’ll need the following vaccinations:

Craig Fever – This is a contact-spread illness that causes a characteristic spastic foot-tapping, known as “restroom rumba.” Make sure your vaccine has been properly stored - in a dark closet.

Pelosi Pox – Air-borne disease that started on the west coast, and causes an itchy rash that can only be soothed by making the victim a ward of the nanny state. Not to be confused with Reidrhinitis, which causes fever-induced inability to distinguish victory from defeat.

Chappaquiddosis – The carrier still swarms the DC area, so you’ll need to protect yourself against this water-borne illness that has quite unpleasant consequences, especially for young, pretty, inconvenient females. Usually calls for several shots, taken orally.

T. Hanson

I don't know most seem to give us enough BS shots each day.


Good question...maybe you should take them several potent doses of reality.

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