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November 21, 2007

A ‘miraculous catch’

A ‘miraculous catch’
Early Friday morning, Nov. 16, Holy Rosary Catholic Church was burglarized. Taken were 18 sacred vessels, a cordless microphone, another microphone taken from the choir loft and four components of the parish chimes system. I discovered the robbery early in the morning and reported to the police at 7 a.m.
The investigation began at 9 a.m. with the help of Kansas City Police Officer Carpenter, and crime scene investigators. By noon, all 18 church vessels, the components of the parish chime system and the choir microphone were recovered and on the way back to the church. Two suspects were arrested.
I was very impressed by the collaboration of the three branches of the Police Department and Holy Rosary’s “private detective,” parishioner Joseph Privitera.
This was my first experience with the Kansas City Police Department in such an investigation. I was overwhelmed by its excellent work.
I am very grateful for a job well done. I consider it a “miraculous catch” and a shocking story with a happy ending.
TV stations 5 and 9 also deserve kudos for the well-done coverage and for bringing to the attention of the community the good work of our Police Department.
Rev. Joseph Vicentini
Pastor of Holy Rosary Church in Columbus Park
Kansas City


T. Hanson

"Taken were 18 sacred vessels"
Ummm. I do not condone the robberies, but isn't the point of stealing is to sell the stuff quickly to get some cash. Is there an underground market for sacred vessels in Kansas City?

Glad they got them back.

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