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November 05, 2007

Halloween has changed

Where did Halloween go?

Halloween night I dutifully filled the treat dish, turned on the front light, corralled the black cat and waited. No goblins, no witches or other scary characters appeared, nor was a “Trick or treat!” uttered.

In the past, I shivered at the evil images they might present.

Little girls used to become fairies and witches; little boys, clowns and monsters. A peal of laughter from a little boy or girl in a costume brightened an otherwise dull day.

Again I looked up and down the street and saw no one. Reluctantly, I turned off the light, bagged the candy, petted the black cat, and fell asleep dreaming of the past.

Sam Kidd



We gave out money but the little turds gave it back saying it wasn't enough, they expected Benjamins.


Dotties never change. As a kid I learned that the way to insure a crowd at your political rally was to have free food and/or drink. ;-)


Things must be different in Raytown. We had more than 250 kids at our house.


“The "boogeyman" is only in your head.” - jack

No, they can be found on election ballots. What else can explain the political discussions found on this blog?


No one came because everyone is afraid of the hob-goblins of the media. The virtually non-existant "dangerous stranger". The totally non-existant "razor blade in an apple". and all those other things that are, in fact, no real dangers at all.

So live in fear of everything folks! And raise your children to fear even more! Stay behind your double locked doors with your nightlites and guns! Never let your children play in the park without supervision! It makes you so much easier for the "powers that be" to control.

The "boogeyman" is only in your head.

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