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November 20, 2007

‘Home of the brave’

I would like to thank Yael T. Abouhalkah for once again bringing to the surface the ignorance of some Kansas City Chiefs fans (11/18, Opinion, “Excerpts from the Midwest Voices blog”).
It is embarrassing that so many people from this city are so uneducated and disrespectful to “The Star-Spangled Banner” to sing “home of the Chiefs” rather than “home of the brave.”
This ignorance was emphasized even more during the game with Denver when this country was supposed to honoring our noble veterans and not some mediocre football team.
My suggestion to those pompous Chiefs fans is to either grow up or shut up.
Greg J. Graeff



It will soon be "Sprint Field (or some other corp name) at Arrowhead Stadium". I'm betting the instant the upgrades are done. It will fit right in with the increased ticket prices and "PSL"s.

As far as people yelling "Chiefs" goes, I don't do it. When my son was in the Army he told me it was disresectful, confirming something I had believed to start with. So what? If people are "insensitive" it ain't no skin off my nose.

Stifled Freedom

The poeple sold thier souls to professional sports long ago. And somewhat more recently, professional sports sold thier souls to the highest bidding big business. Example: "Candlestick Park"....renamed to "3 Com Park" (and I think it still is called that).

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