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November 26, 2007

Iraq war not a game

As a KU alum, I’ve learned to simply ignore miscreants such as the Missouri judge who finds so much humor in the murder of 183 civilians by Quantrill’s raiders (11/18, A-1).
I was far more embarrassed by the quote attributed to fellow KU alum and former KU interim athletic director Drue Jennings (11/19, Sports Daily, “Border buzz: Celebrity picks”): “If we supported our troops and their mission in Iraq with the same intensity we support this rivalry, we would have won the war already.”
The war in Iraq (as well as Afghanistan) has not been prolonged by anything as superficial as “fan support.”
If I must incorporate Mr. Jennings’ sports metaphor, then the problem is that the coaching staff didn’t think their teams even needed a game plan or adequate equipment.
More than embarrassing me as a Jayhawk, Mr. Jennings’ words offend me as an American.
Such feeble attempts to impugn people who support the troops (and in my case, count relatives among them) but who would like to hold a lying president and his cabal of profiteers accountable are offensive.
Michael Webber
Prairie Village



I appreciate that Buddy, and I also apologize. Nice to see can agree and agree to disagree.


Jim I will apologize again on this thread, I have been rash in my judgement. You are indeed someone with careful thought and input. I may not agree with you, but I was, and am wrong in my words against you.

I hope you will accept my apology and that we can continue to have some strong debates.

That being said, don't pizz me off!, lol....


Yawn, did I hear his dimness squeal again? I think I did, yawn.....


Eng, you and I have been having substantive discussions this whole time, so don't say I don't engage in substance. I deal with BullyT the way he deals with everyone else, so why does it bother you? Obviously when he does "his thing" and questions peoples' patriotism and their sanity with no basis, it's okay with you. But when someone does it to him, you get upset. Why?


Your correction needs a correction. But just what would you have us do? You pose a problem, but do you have a solution that does not create bigger problems? I suggested contributions to groups aiding the military to one antiwar bloger who was saying sacrifices should be made. He recoiled in horror that anyone should think he should make a contribution and called me "complacent" for suggesting that he do so. You want sacrifices, but by whom?


And where did I say you agreed with the letter writer? But I am disappointed in you in that you have started several threads with an attack on Buddy T. without making any additional contribution to the subject of the thread. Buddy T. does his thing and we all understnd it. In your case it seemed possible that a discussion of facts might be had but that has seemed to slip away. Call me whatever you wish, but try to add some substance to your posts.


a piece of advice: spare yourself the trouble and anger of trying to debate with these people.
Posted by: stone | Nov 27, 2007 5:32:32 PM

Wait a second. Is this the same Stone who gets his "news" from the Daily Show? Who thinks it's cute to post lies about Bush that a 3rd grader could see through?

Why, I think it is (see below).

Stone, I don't think you are one to be giving advice.


"I heard somebody say, now where’s Nelson Mandela? Well, Mandela’a dead”
~President Bush, sept. 19 2007 at a White House press event.
www.dailyshow.com for the clip. It is in the called mess 'o potamia-crazy town, right under the second interview with president clinton. THIS WAS REALLY SAID. ACTUALLY FOOTAGE OF BUSH MAKING HIMSELF LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT. YOU CAN'T DENY THAT HE SAID THIS, NOW MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY

Posted by: stone | Sep 21, 2007 10:56:24 PM


Jack -

Well said.


"...and waaaay too many willing to strap on the equipment and take the field."

This should read, "...waaay too few willing to strap on the equipment and take the filed."


Is there a purpose to this thread?

I see one useful point in the letter, although that point is wrong. That is the problem of too little "fan support" for the war.

IMO the problem is now and always has been the war has waaaay too many "fans" willing to stand on the sidelines and cheer and waaaay too many willing to strap on the equipment and take the field.

BTW: Strapping on the equipment does not have to mean enlisting. A war cannot be waged with everyone in uniform. But IMO a reasonable expectation would be that those who are big "fans" of the war would be willing to sacrifice in some meaningful way in order to support it.

What we have instead is a huge bunch of fanatical free loaders. They cheer on the war effort but are willing to suffer no sacrifice to support it. Hell, not even incovenience is within their willingness.

All those who profess to support the war while demanding that it be waged without caost, sacrifice or inconvenience on the general population do not, in reality, support the war. They just want to kick their feet up and swill beer and pretzels while cheering it on like a football game.

They should be ashamed.


a piece of advice: spare yourself the trouble and anger of trying to debate with these people. Try reading with a grain of salt and not posting, because, when you (or anyone) puts out a rational argument, 95% of the time, the response (on both sides of the aisle) is the kind of junk Buddy spews out, which, by all means, is the level that you have unfortunately sunk too by starting each blog with a shot at Buddy. Then, it just turns into the same back and forth childish comment section that it has currently become.

Another note: just about everyone on here can see that Buddy is a lunatic with little education. He may have served this country honorably, but that doesn't at all mean he has any sort of relevant education on anything except for how to fire a gun. Let him spew his garbage. He only makes himself look stupid to anyone who views comments objectively. Arguing with him only brings yourself to his level.
Spare yourself the time and frustration of arguing with him


Ah, so you did. My mistake, Solomon. I guess my mind thought BuddyT and Buddy Hackett were the same guy.

I should've known better. Buddy Hackett is much more highbrow!


I believe I said I enjoyed BuddyT, I never said he is "funny".

Please go to Chiefs Fans Disappointed and weigh in on the question I posed there. In fact would you all go there, please.


Never said I agreed with the letter writer, Eng. Just pointing out that BullyT can't deal with people on the merits (or lack thereof) of their arguments, so I deal with him at his own base level.

Thanks for noticing, though. Funny how I don't see you ever chide him for doing the same thing several times a day. I guess since you've decided I'm a "lefty" then I'm mean and beating up on poor BullyT. Or maybe like Solomon, you find his boorish and childish behavior "funny."

They have a word for that, Eng. It's called "hypocrisy."


You chide Buddy T. for not presenting logical arguments, but on thus thread you have not presented anything but attacks on him. The letter in this case seems to be another example of a Bush hater taking advantage of another subject to sneak in his vitriol. Also the letter is incorrect in that the current game plan seems to be working very well. The letter also makes outrageous charges the writer cannot prove such as "lying president and his cabal of profiteers". By making such extreme unsupported statements the writer exposes himself as an ant Bush fanatic.


What pathetic is the entire circus act. Most of those I hear rant about Pro-War and using terms like "We" are those that have not served and will not enlist. If you think it is so noble, neccessary and grand, then go fight or stop saying "we".
As for the game, bad enough sports is more important to us than our own nation and the fture of our country. Check your personal email at work, get reprimanded but you can have that NCAA bracket all you like.


Solomon, "agree to disagree" and "I disagree with you but defend your right to say your piece" is as American as they come.

What BullyT does is completely different: "I disagree and that means you're a kook and a traitor" (though in much more juvenile language). He's basically relegated himself to the kid's table, without even knowing it.

I can't see you and I getting into a war over anything because you seem to be open to at least seeing someone's point. That's all anyone is entitled to.

By the way, if you want to see something truly funny, ask BullyT to show you how he eats Subway sandwiches with a knife and fork.


I don't want to start a war with you here but I don't think BuddyT hates this country. He is a prime example of seeing things a certain way and everyone else is wrong, meaning he only dislikes Americans who disagree with him, which is as American as they come.


Nice try, bully. You just keep calling people names instead of dealing with their arguments. Keep ignoring facts and blindly reciting the stock two or three sentences you heard on Hannity last night.

Your hatred of America would be "funny," like Solomon thinks, if it weren't so damn sad.


BTW Dimness your attacks without reason are becoming a little tiresome...try and be creative for a change. So far you are just boring, yawn.............I have heard far better from a lot worse....

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