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November 06, 2007

La Raza speaks again

I was saddened to read Janet Murguia’s commentary in Sunday’s Opinion section (11/4, “La Raza left because it objects to extremism”).

Her lack of tolerance of others — and the legal organizations they belong to — does a disservice to those who support minority groups in the city.

The issue that Mayor Mark Funkhouser addressed, as a leader should, was to not give in to blackmail by a small group of intolerant people trying to hold the city hostage to their demands.

La Raza turned its back on an opportunity to host its convention in a great city. They did their cause no favors by throwing dirt on a member of the Kansas City parks board who has done nothing to deserve such treatment.

Rich Delaney
Overland Park

How is it that the National Council of La Raza continues to get such high-level exposure in The Star? Haven’t we all had enough of La Raza?

As I wrote previously in a letter to the editor after La Raza canceled its convention: “I hope it’s a long time before I hear the phrase La Raza again.”

Please, Ms. Murguia, take your own advice and “move on.”

Peter Connors
Lee’s Summit


Letters Editor

I think you have missed the point. The Star's editorial board was not supporting, or opposed to for that matter, ANY particular orginzation. Their position is that a political appointee should not cost the city and local businesses millions of dollars. I think that sums it up fairly succinctly. My take on it, at least.

In my estimation, both of the particular organizations in this current debacle have their less-than-desirable elements.

As to the seemingly endless life-span this topic has had on the Letters page, we're not writing these letters to ourselves, folks. While individuals reading them may be tired of the topic, obviously, these writers still care deeply enough to put their thoughts into words and send them to somebody. Personally, I think they deserve the same chance at publication as any reasonabley well-written letter no matter what the topic.

Trudy Hurley
Administrative Assistant
Editorial Page
The Kansas City Star


Or perhaps some one on the Editorial Staff could write an article setting out the logical basis for The Star's unwavering support of La Raza. No sobs and tears about hard working people and suffering children, just the reasoned basis for The Star's support of an organization dedicated to the advancement of one race and having no consideration for others. Their motto states this position very clearly and succinctly with no ifs, ands or buts.


Take a clue here Trudy...this is DEAD, we don't care how many times your sorry A$$ paper tries to keep the ball in the air. The issue is settled, you lost, live with it for God's sake, and stop taking up our time.

Jeez what a bunch of losers......

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