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November 09, 2007

Many chose private schools

In response to Laura Scott’s column “School choice doesn’t necessarily add up” (11/5, Opinion), the study she refers to was not broad in scope nor can its conclusions be useful in debunking the concept of school choice.

The study focused on the choices made by parents within the Wisconsin public school system and did not look at choices made by parents to send their children to private schools.

According to the State Audit of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (February 2000), 71 percent of parents exercising choice in Milwaukee sent their children to private schools.

In addition, parents being dissatisfied with their choice does not mean they are dissatisfied with having a choice.

Parents, not government, should decide what school will provide the best learning environment for a child, just as parents determine where their child will attend college. It makes strong economic sense for urban and rural communities to improve access to high quality education.

Becky Dunn
State coordinator, CEAM (Children’s Educational Alliance of Missouri)



We're seeing some of the first signs of revolt among those fed up with the educational system that is being thrust upon them.
How many more communities will vote to divorce themselves from the poorly run KCMO school district before they are allowed a true choice?

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