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November 29, 2007

Motorcycles and cars

In reference to Jon Clark’s letter “Danger on the road” (11/25): Sorry about your motorcycle problems, Jon. Perhaps I can help you understand. Motorcycles are a hazard on the roads because they are small and often dark in color. They are often unseen by motorists until they have passed you on the road.

It would be much safer if the motorcyclist wore bright clothing and had a long standard attached to the cycle topped with a red flag. We’d all be a lot safer. That would be a much better idea than a sign on the highway saying, “Be aware of motorcycles.”

J. Barry



In reference to your letter, J. Barry, you said, "Motorcycles are a hazard on the roads because they are small and often dark in color". I'm going to comment on the idiocy of just that statement. The rest of it is, well, quite honestly, too easy.

You statement is foolish because the majority of motorcycles out there are not small nor are they dark colored. If you are referencing the cruiser type motorcycles, they are NOT small. If you are referencing sportbikes, they are not darkly colored.

It sounds to me as if someone is wishing to simply shift the blame away from themselves . I wonder, how many times have you almost ran over a motorcycle, J. Barry?


Perhaps, J. Barry, the roads would be much safer, if people would take personal accountability, instead of trying lay blame, elsewhere. If the D.O.T. approved vehicle is too small for you to see, might I suggest that you see an optometrist?

People who chose to not pay attention to their surroundings, while driving, are the real road hazard.

Maybe the highway sign should read instead: "Be aware of people not paying attention". I believe that would be more accurate.

Safe Driving,
Wrex A.
Blue Springs

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