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November 11, 2007

Overlooked in Semler affair

As a former resident of Kansas City, I have followed the Frances Semler versus La Raza dustup with some interest. And while I agree with the people who have written in voicing their approval of the mayor’s stand of not caving in to the extortion tactics of La Raza, I believe several far more important facts have been missed.

One: The real loser in this affair has been the local Hispanic community. One can only imagine the increase in business that local Mexican restaurants and other Hispanic businesses would have enjoyed. Were I a member of this community, I believe I might be tempted to ride Ms. Murguia out of town on a rail.

Two: Ms. Murguia’s stance that this was over the fact that Ms. Semler was a member of the parks board is ridiculous. The convention is now moving to San Diego. The last time I checked, Duncan Hunter, a congressman from San Diego, is probably the leading voice against illegal immigration in the United States. Further, he is a presidential candidate and the sponsor of the bill to build a fence across the entire border. A bill that passed, I might add.

Kip Harris
Laurie, Mo.



The La Raza Semler issue is still an issue! -- The Star on 10/29/07 reported “Hispanics vow to keep pressure” and that local advocates and a national labor leader will continue to seek Semlers removal from the park board. The Star has reflected a bias for both La Raza and Murguia from the beginning still exhibits that bias in critiquing the aftermath.
The social experimenting editorial staff at the Star has enjoyed a unique position in their ability to sway and influence opinion and politics in Kansas City over the years. Hopefully, the Star’s motives or actions in the La Raza incident will alert more of the public to question the advice of their opinion columnists and even the underlying bent of some of their reporters!


The Star reported that "local Hispanic Leaders" met with the Mayor and backed La Raza's stand. This letter might help remind them of their mistake in championing those who support coercion and the harm resulting from that stand to the local Hispanic community.


"And while I agree with the people who have written in voicing their approval of the mayor’s stand of not caving in to the extortion tactics of La Raza,..."

This letter should have began and ended with the above statement.


Why does the Star keep publishing these letters, the whole affair is dead and buried?


I might also add that La Raza members are the losers here, to the tune of $70,000 in cancellation fees. My guess is that KC will be able to fill in their slot with a different convention by the time 2009 rolls around.

So, let's hear it for La Raza for paying $70,000 to our great city for nothing!

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