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November 22, 2007

Pakistan crisis

It has been apparent for a long time that the Bush administration’s foreign policy is non-existent and the proverbial “final straw” is its handling of the buffoon in Pakistan. This guy reminds me of Chaplin’s “Great Dictator,” only Chaplin intended to be funny.
This “leader” had the supposed leaders of the most powerful nation in the world playing his game and by his rules. Bush and Condoleezza Rice tell him he must do something in order to stabilize his country, he doesn’t do it and they praise him as taking steps “in the right direction”!
I wholeheartedly support our troops. But I grieve for them. For what this administration is requiring of them is not right.
Neither the United States nor any other country will ever be able to stabilize Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, etc. History has shown they’re not capable of stabilizing themselves, and yet we continue to sacrifice our finest. And for what?
I keep thinking of those Civil War scenes where the general views the battle from afar as row after row of troops march across an open field to be shot down. It just seems that, nearly 150 years later, we haven’t learned much about the futility of some situations.
Warren Thomas



"And as Osama, if alive, is apparently in some cave in the mountains along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and has apparently been completely neutralized in so far as this Country is concerned,"

I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale for you, cheap, Lloyd.

Man, some people will believe anything, won't they?


Welcome back. I have missed your input.


Could you explain how events in Pakistan have affected our troops? And how should the Administration dealt with Musharraf? And as Osama, if alive, is apparently in some cave in the mountains along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border and has apparently been completely neutralized in so far as this Country is concerned, just how has the Administration "played into his hands"?


Yeah Z squared I am with you in inviting Sol back, I could always disagree with him from time and not want to choke him! Unlike CRuD and some of the other nimrods...

Speaking of CRuD, his silence rather speaks for itself does it not!

BTW, Sol, Z squared hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I shared mine with a young Iraq Vet, what an inspriation he was to this old trooper.

God Bless them all guys, truly, they are best of us all.


thanks zenozac


Sol, to make it more clear we would be in agreement on this particular issue.


Solomon, I see you have been sucked back in. good to see it. You add a reasoned voice to the discussions. Even if we do disagree a bit.

On the other hand Buddy if you are seriously asking for an actual discussion with CRD, you my friend are delusional. But I will say, he is out there in google land looking for a website that has his opinion! LOL!


CRuD you can;t grab your butt with both hands, how would you solve the Pakistan situation Ace? What would you have done to prevent the violence there differently than the President. Share your enormous cache of political savy with us poor uninformed souls.

I would really like to learn from a "master" hot shot. So go ahead, you got the ball, run with it, we are all waiting...


Dubya's good at getting led by the nose. Putin did it to him; George played right into Osama's hands; and, no surprise, Musharraf led him on again and again.

Who's paying the price this ineptitude? Yep, our troops.

To you yo-yos who voted for this incompetent not just once, but twice -- doing a great job by our troops, you are!


I think Warren subscribes to the "Santa Fe Trail" theories of defense and foreign policy....."circle the wagons and get the women and kids to the center."


If Warren actually knew and understood history he would not have written this letter.

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