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November 16, 2007

Thank you, Lee’s Summit

On behalf of the membership of the Friends of Lee’s Summit, I wanted to express our deepest appreciation to the citizens of Lee’s Summit for their support of the 11 ballot issues that were before our community on Nov. 6.

The entire ballot was focused on Lee’s Summit — its infrastructure, its governance and its economic future. The overwhelming success of this election will have lasting positive impacts on our quality of life.

We will experience a safer community with increased fire protection; new and connected sidewalk systems, enhanced street lighting and flood control measures. We will experience enhanced governance reflected in the changes to our city’s constitution.

And we will experience opportunities for enhanced economic growth and prosperity — all for the betterment of our citizens’ quality of life. We are fortunate to live in a community where we understand that the investments we make today will have enduring beneficial impacts for future generations.

John C. Graham Jr.
Chairman, Friends of Lee’s Summit
Lee’s Summit



Maybe some more flat screen HD LCD Tv's can be purchased for LS City Hall and some even fancier office furnishings while our taxes go through the roof. Maybe they can continue to short fund the Arts programs at the local highschools and why not build more uneeded commercial space?

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