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November 22, 2007

The new Paseo Bridge

In regard to the suggestion to name the renovated Paseo Bridge Buck O’Neil Bridge (1/19, Letters, “Name It for Buck”), I would like to suggest another option. Buck O’Neil and Kit Bond definitely are entitled to a park, street or a building named after them, but the magnificent bridge should be dedicated to our real heroes, those who put their lives on the line for us. Consider: “U.S. Armed Forces Bridge” or “Veteran Bridge,” or if local patriotism prevails, “Missouri National Guard Bridge.”
Moreover, I suggest having an open competition for the appropriate name. Let students debate, vote and submit their class suggestion. And the prize for the winner: having the honor to cut the ribbon when the bridge opens.
Uri S. Alon
Overland Park

I have nothing against Kit Bond. I do object, however, to naming after him the new, gorgeous Paseo Bridge.
We have the Kauffman Stadium, and now the in-progress Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. And there is the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Kennedy Space Center, as well as Kennedy Airport, not to mention the myriad of high schools, junior high schools, middle schools, etc., named after dead presidents.
It seems that we Americans have some kind of a fetish involving the names of popular structures. And now it’s the Paseo Bridge replacement.
Why not simply name it the New Paseo Bridge? Is it too late?
George Robb
Kansas City

I totally agree that the Kansas City community should wholly endorse Peg Ekerdt’s suggestion (11/19, Letters) and honor our beloved late Kansas Citian Buck O’Neil by naming the Paseo Bridge for the community’s highly esteemed “bridge builder.” Ekerdt’s idea should rally Buck’s friends and allies to this important cause. What a brilliant idea!
Norge W. Jerome

There has been some measure of brouhaha in the last few days over the design of the proposed new Paseo Bridge. I wish to point out that the bridge from Charleston, S.C., to Mt. Pleasant (Patriot’s Point), S.C., is basically the same design and twice as big as the new proposal. While I would welcome such a bridge as proposed, it will not be anything new.
Aaron Peters
Atchison, Kan



Ease up, crash. Having known Buck, he is worthy of praise, although I think he'd be the first one to agree this urge to kiss his butt posthomously is overboard.


aren't we tired enough of buck o'neil? he was simply a baseball player, and a mediocre one at that. he doesn't deserve to have a bridge named after him. a dugout, maybe. enough with this mindless adulation of just an athlete.

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