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December 08, 2007

Access to data

Why do we allow our government officials to participate in press briefings and question-and-answer sessions with only a bottle of water? Where are the computers or other data storage devices that contain organized information to aid the response if specifics are warranted?

Governments and their activities contain an extraordinary amount of data and information. Yet our officials come to communicate to the public with only their naked minds and the unreliable facts tumbling (or not) within them.

Instead of grumbling when our tough questions aren’t directly answered because “the data isn’t right here in front of me,” let’s encourage our representatives and officials to modernize the way they answer our questions.

We live in a world of instant messaging and data streams. Our federal government takes advantage of those technologies in the Defense and Justice and State Departments. Why haven’t we demanded that public information evolve in the same technological manner? Don’t tell me you can’t fully answer a question because the information isn’t laid out before me. We all know the information could be only a click away.

Patrick Seago
Kansas City


The Libertarian party is just as pathetic as the rest. Their official party line leads to just as many questions as it does answers. The few Libertarians that I know can't agree on many topics. Further, their business and economic policies would lead to a world-wide recession.

But then, I guess our governments role is not really to save the country from economic rule; just make sure that your personal property is protected when it happens.

Stifled Freedom

Vote Libertarian. Libertarian's respect the rights of individuals and not just the rights of the majority.


Culture Change
You do have some points. But what's the old quotation, something like "our system of government is flawed and has its faults, it's just that it's so much better than any other that has ever been tried". What changes would you suggest?

Stifled Freedom

I dont know why it did not log my name.

Culture Change

Unfortunately Engineer, I really do believe it's that screwed up. I appreciate you asking.

All you have to do is look at some of the legislation that gets passed. Take for instance, the measure rammed through by Senator Bartle of MO. He attached an amendment to a drunk driving bill to basically run adult cabarets out of businees. And when you make it illegal to be naked in a adult cabaret....your out of business. It passed both house and senate and was signed by the governor. Why? Because it was too politically incorrect to vote against a drunk driving bill...or anything related to sex. A state judge later threw it out. This is just one example.

We even had a MO senator propose outlawing cold beer from liquor stores and convenience stores. These things sound petty, but the accumulation of them over 30 years is incredible.

These guys scour the landscape looking for anything to regulate...and its all for them. It may not be something that effects you....today....but tomorrow it will. These politicians are the dogs and our freedoms are the fire hydrant. They do thier business to leave thier mark.


Culture Change
While tempted to say "By golly, you've got BC's MO down to a tee", I reall want to ask: do you really believe things are this degraded?

Stifled Freedom

Patrick, if it benefited them, they would. Govt decisions are generally made by the following producure:

1. Decice what you want to do based on your moral or political or other convictions. Other convictions could include about anything from personal financial gain to just robbing some small group of poorly represented poeple of thier harmless passtimes because you think its wrong.....and because you can.
2. Seek justification.
3. Cant find justification? Fabricate some. Or sensationalize some unrepresentative example(s) into a national crisis. Contrary to any scientific or statistical method, one example is generally enough.
4. Execute it anyway in spite of rational protests or legality or constitutional grounds. If the issue is sensative enough (or involves sex in any way), politicians will be stampeded into voting for it by political correctness even if they believe in the minds privately that its wrong or unnecessary or a misuse of govt authority.
5. Blame someone else later....or move on to a high political position based upon taking credit for your great political vision.
6. Move on to the next issue and repeat Steps 1-5.

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