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December 29, 2007

Bhutto assassination

The senseless murder of Benazir Bhutto is a tragedy for her family and her nation. The accelerating instability in Pakistan could prove a tragedy for the United States. We need to be concerned not only about Pakistan’s continued help in our efforts to destroy al-Qaida , but also Pakistan ensuring its nuclear arsenal and knowledge does not spread to Middle Eastern countries or groups.

Bhutto was one of the rare, secular liberal democrats who had a real chance to move a nation toward democracy. One of the unfortunate byproducts of 9/11 has been increased difficulty for foreign students to study in the United States. We need more foreign students, like Bhutto, to be exposed to liberal democracy. Hopefully, such experience will shape their world view to move their nations toward democracy.

We cannot impose democracy on other nations. If they are to become liberal democracies, it must come from their own citizens committed to the rule of law and a separation of church and state. Education in the United States as well as Britain, Canada and other Western democracies can help them experience the benefits of such political systems.

Bond Faulwell
Overland Park



Part of the problem is they study hear, take it back home and use that education against Democracy. Saddam's #6 in charge received her education here in the US.
Chemical Engineering I believe was her discipline. Sweet!
We have zero obligation to other countries.
These unstable countries have been so for 2000 years and will be regardless of what we do. Let's just advise them on what many politicians and sheep think works here:
Raise Taxes
Raise Taxes
Raise taxes
Spend OPM
Spend OPM
Spend OPM
Advocate Divorce and Single Parent Families
Build More Stadiums On Tax Payer Money
Inject More Hip Hop Culture
Implement A Limited 2 party lawyer, crook wealthiest scumbag buys office democracy

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