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December 28, 2007

Bhutto assassination

The terrorist attack on the former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, clearly shows that the current policy in this region needs scrutiny. Pakistan has played a delicate game of supporting the U.S. and fighting the extremist political and tribal militants. Daniel Pearl’s beheading and Bhutto’s death are examples of the ideology that still exists there.

The U.S. media have been blinded by the movement in Pakistan to establish a democracy. Unfortunately, that dream of a democracy must be postponed for now, as the risk of anarchy and an imminent nuclear danger exists. The extremists cannot participate in a democracy — they want to destroy it.

Now is the time for the U.S. to support a pragmatic approach of maintaining security and destroying al-Qaida and Taliban elements. The security of the world depends on it.

Tahir Rahman



If "Doctor" Rahman is so sure that Pakistan is crucial to the "security of the world" maybe he should get off his book-writing tushy and go there. It is very easy to sit back and write random e-mails about his homeland instead of improving his professional knowledge (what kind of shrink doesn't read Psychiatry Today?) or his communication skills (how can you possibly compare yourself to a plumber - you should be ashamed of yourself!!) so he can actually provide a valuable service to the community.

Do us all a favor: Stay home and write more books that only have 3,000 copies printed. At least that way the only person's time you will be wasting is Barack's, Al Gore's, and your own.


I spelled Eutpoia this way on purpose.


It seems to me that the best approach in Pakistan is the one we have been following; attempt to stabilize the situation to the greatest extent possible. It seems to me that this is what Tahir Rahman is saying.


The Crown Prince of Austria, Mustapha the eldest son of Sulieman, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were all assasinated and history took a turn. It is not just leaders but potential leaders who in death send the world on a different path.


Agreed, we are not the world police. The assasinations of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, & Kennedy did change things in this country. The assasinations changed the course of history & events that unfolded afterwards. This will also be the case in Pakistan. Also "eutopia" is rightly spelled "utopia".


A pragmatic approach? Aren't the pragmatists, like Daddy Bush and crew, the RINOs that are out of favor with the righties at the moment?

At the same time, the writer does not sound pragmatic. He sounds like a true believer that the U.S. can solve everyone on earth's problems.

At least the writer doesn't appear to be one of the "Every problem on earth is the fault of the U.S." crew.


Always our job to clean up the world's problems? Pakistan is untrustworthy just like Saudi. They play both sides of the fence. America is NOT the world police.
We have had 4 Presidents assasinated, it did not change a thing in our nation.
There is no way to acheive Eutopia.
We have domestic, government run terrorist right here we need to concern ourselves with before we start handing out global welfare.

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