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December 14, 2007

Bon Jovi tickets

There I was, armed with cell phone in one hand and computer mouse in the other, ready to purchase Bon Jovi tickets. They went on sale at 10 a.m. Saturday for the second show scheduled at the new Sprint center in April.

I dialed the number, and the line was busy. I checked the number of floor tickets on the Web site and at 10:01, they were sold out. How can this be? Who gets all those tickets, anyway?

I end up in Section 120, Row 15. I didn’t even get to pick my section. I sure hope I can see him from there, after spending over $115 a ticket. I hope the hotel room is a bargain!

Bon Jovi: priceless.

Sherry Meyer
California, Mo.



$115 a ticket? It must be nice to be wealthy! I would imagine my ex-wife is going, using welfare money for tickets of course. Priorities, priorities!


Your tickets are wonderful! I envy that you got those seats for your first concert at the Sprint Center.

I had floor seats for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert last weekend, and they were horrible! We couldn't see a thing on the stage. All we did see were people sticking their heads up as high as they could and doing the sway trying to see anything around the heads in front of them. I should have known. The ticket taker told us that she was sorry we got floor seats!

Your view will be great, and you honestly aren't THAT far from the stage.

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