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December 09, 2007

Identify theft

It’s happened to me — a woman stole my identity. It’s devastating. There are things you can do, but in the grand scheme of things, you are had. You are at the mercy of thieves.

Johnson County victim’s advocate Rita Sims helped a lot. She never rushed me and heard my story with helpfulness and kindness. I was under hospice care when my checks were stolen.

The whole ordeal is about trust. You never look at anyone the same again. They take more than money — they take away your faith in humanity.

Tamara Benberg



I would say the truth is hard for many to swallow so they tune out and stay ignorant and blind.

Stifled Freedom

Connie, you have my sympathies.


Someone opened a cell phone account and bought a computer using my mom's id. The police were loathe to take a report. The credit bureaus were difficult to deal with. The creditors... well they should have been more diligent in verifying the identity of the person to whom they sold the service/merchandise in the first place. The harassment from the collection agency finally died when my mom did.

Stifled Freedom

NoMore, what if they outlawed posting comments on this blog? What would you say?


Pertaining to the comment about non-violent offenders. Most people follow the "if it's the law you ust follow" mentality. When are people going to wake up? They are letting lose violent offenders and pedophiles to make room for pot smokers and debtors.

Identity Theft is handle by the Secret Service. They will not entertain your case unless there has been a crime committed. Meaning either someone has used your SSN or taken money from you. I had a previous manager use my personal info to engage a plethora of unsolicited emails, phone calls, etc for home loans, car loans, and other services. The govt would do nothing unless he actually used my SSN or directly affected finances. The credit reporting agencies are making a killing on indetity theft and do little to hold their customers accountable.

This is a criminal issue that the FBI should be leading the charge. There is no reason we should be tolerating this kind of theft.

However, the federal govt is not really concerned about it because its not a hot button moral issue. Theft is a old crime. No headline grabbers there.

When the Human Trafficking law gets reauthorized, it will contain amendments to make consensual adult prostitution a federal crime. The FBI wont have time for identity theft, they will be busy chasing pimps and rummaging through dumpters looking for condom wrappers. And we wont have space in federal prison for the thieves either because the penalty for prostitution will be a 10 year sentence. Imagine how full the prisons will be of nonviolent offenders persecuted by this religious moral standard. This measure has already passed the House of Reps.

Following the modern legislation procurement process that I articulated yesterday under the "Access to Data" unfettered letter, the Senate will be stampeded into voting for it too.

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