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December 31, 2007

Independence Center

As a Kansas City, Kan., resident, I see the recent news on TV about the fights at Independence Center as similar to what happened at our now-defunct Indian Springs Mall.
In the early ’80s through the early ’90s, the same problems started at Indian Springs. There were large groups of rowdy teens and constant interruptions in the movie theaters. All this was happening at a time when the police and security stood by ignoring the problems and telling the citizens there wasn’t a safety .
People stayed away in droves, my wife and I included, and the mall died. We choose to do our shopping in Johnson County.
The management and police at Independence Center need to review our history and gain control of the kids and young adults now, or your mall will die also. People will not tolerate an environment where they feel uncomfortable. They can go elsewhere.
Michael Hylton
Kansas City, Kan.



Parents need to start putting their little wannabe thugs in check. This socialist "do it for the chidlren' mindset has got to stop. I will not bring race into this as this "I wanna be a gangsta" fashion trend and mentality is a problme along all races and economic backgrounds. In fact i tend to think that many of the well financed tend to be worse in many cases since their mommy and daddys buy their way out of everything with high rent lawyers or brice to people they "know".
We can thank those entities that not only allow but glamourize this mentality and behavior, in many cases reward it: Parents (many of them single moms), family courts, the media, professional athletes and collegiate athletics. Indian Springs was a great hangout back in the 80's but quickly went "urban" same for Bannister mall, I lived by both a one poitn and time. I rememerb when SKC was uprent, it is now a ghetto. Again, I am not going to bring race into this but how many you frequent The Landing?


I agree Fully with Michael, however, they are most likely the same low-life Degenerates that used to hang around the Now Empty and Dekrepid Bannister Mall, and most likely from the same Familys !!!!! They need to do what the CASINOS do out West and is to Arrest them, Finger-print them, Take their Photos and maintain a Data base right there in that mall Security office, and if these people are spotted anywhere on the mall property inside or out- ARREST them Immediately for Tresspassing and Fine them thousands of Dollars and held in Jail, other wise the malls will end up just like the INDIAN SPRINGS Mall and the Bannister Mall fiasco, its these people that obviously need to go back to whereever and get a life, but their famalies are to blame for letting the little jerks do this, but, look who and how their being raised, enough is enough of their Degenerate ways affecting everybody else ! Time to Act on this problem !!

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