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December 25, 2007

Motorcycle stunting

I think The Star should be ashamed of itself for writing such a lazy, sensationalistic article that is meant to alarm and not inform (12/20, A-1, “.‘Stunting’ a deadly new road danger; Treacherous tricks by motorcyclists endanger themselves and the drivers around them”).

You mention the record number of deaths in the area and in the nation, but don’t write one sentence about increased motorcycle sales or how many more people are getting their motorcycle endorsements. You didn’t differentiate between sportbike and cruiser deaths, or causes.

Stunting is not new and it is not the latest craze. Ever see “Superbikes” on the Speed channel, or the “X-Games” on the television?

You misrepresent an online forum quote that you attributed to a local sportbike rider. It is clear to me that the online forum quote was about riding in cold weather, not about stunting. You simply misquoted this person and used the quote to make it sound like the motorcyclist was terrorizing the occupants of the vehicle.

Why is this article presented now? Is it a slow news day and the editors had this article left over from summer? This article could have been more poignant in July.

Who let this poor piece of “journalism” get printed?

Mike Fields
Grain Valley



The root-cause of the problem is insecurity.
These knuckleheads think they are impressing someone, they aren't.
BikerBoyz.......get off the public roads, take your little show off circus to a closed course so the rest of us are not endangered. It's the society we live in today, everyone trying to show off.
It'snot just crotch rockets either, sagging pants and wannabe mentality is rampant, maybe even more so in the upscale burbs.


Mike, if what you say about the article is true, there may be a Pulitzer the Star's future.

Bill Moses

Stunting is great entertainment, and rarely kills or injures anyone but the stuntor. When it does kill or injure a passenger, they knew that risk was involved, that's why they rode. Let Darwin's law work.



You are correct in that stunting is not some new fad. Motorcycle stunting has been around for years.
The fact of the matter is this, if you own motorcycle, wear a helmet. If you don't wear a helmet, your an idiot, irresponsible, and you don't care about your family one bit.

Stunting is going to happen among teens, as drag racing is going to happen among teens. The media and the movies sensationalize it to death, and it has been no different since the time of James Dean.

What is truly sad, is that thousands of young adults, mostly men every year suffer catastrophic brain injuries, and are left helpless. Leaving it up to their parents and or families to take care of them, because they chose to act like an idiot and or a fool. Not to mention the millions of tax payer dollars that go to idiots who can't afford to pay their medical bills.
Teenagers, I expect to act this way unfortunately because of the poor parenting skills most have in this country. But when you see a 30 yr old doing the same stunts and not wearing a helmet, it is just stupid.

If a man hasn't figured out by the age of 30 that stunting is irresponsible, then it should be an indicator of their mantal abilities, which isn't much above idiot!!!!

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