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December 03, 2007

Motorcycles aren’t the problem

J. Barry’s response (11/30, Letters) to Jon Clark’s recent letter asking drivers to watch out for those motorcyclists sharing the road does more to illustrate the problem than solve it.

Using Mr. Barry’s rationale, just because motorcycles can sometimes be small and dark in color, other drivers have no responsibility to notice these legal vehicles.

Really, should we also insist pedestrians wear bright red clothing and a helmet with a rotating light before crossing the street at a crosswalk?

I really, really want to believe there are drivers out there who actually pay attention to the road when they are driving a 4,000- or 5,000-pound vehicle. As J. Barry said, “We’d all be a lot safer” if they did.

Steven Christensen
Blue Springs



The bad motorcycle drivers are the wheelie poppers that think everyone is impressed with their foolish and dangerous behavior on the roads. I think law enforcement should target these offenders and take their licenses away for good. ONE offense and you lose your PRIVILEDGE to ride. Same goes for idiot vehcile drivers. Speed limits are not Suggested Speed Limits, they are limits, meaning you can not exceed. Blaming the motorcycle is like blaming the gun for dumb gun owners and criminals that use them in crime.

T. Hanson

I think that there are bad auto drivers and bad motorcycle drivers. If an accident occurs one should not blame the larger vehicle automaticly. Many times I have been passed going 60 mph in a 55 mph by the 80+mph crochrockets. Those bikes are so small and low profile that by the time I notice that they are even close to my truck is when they are pass my front bumper.
If a car approaches me at the same speed or even higher I usally can see him and expect where he is planing on going.

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