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December 20, 2007

New Paseo Bridge

I read that the design for the new I-35 bridge over the Missouri River is now in jeopardy because of a perceived conflict with the Federal Aviation Administration over landing patterns at the Wheeler Downtown Airport (12/14, A-1). It seems the mid-span support column will be too high and interfere with certain approaches to the airport.

The article also said that the FAA acknowledges that it really cannot prevent the design from being built as is.

So I vote for building the bridge as designed, post haste. Let the FAA figure out what to do about its landing patterns and let motorists (who would benefit most from the new bridge) have our signature river crossing. Do not delay! Time is precious!

Timothy Earl Osburn

The FAA’s recent issue with the new Paseo Bridge is just plain silly. It seems the FAA would like to keep Kansas City a cow town forever. If we were to accept its position, we could put in place a lovely concrete deck bridge with no redeeming aesthetic qualities whatsoever.

But wait, we would also need to keep building construction under 10 stories in height. In consideration of the FAA and the executive jets at Wheeler Airport, we should raze all buildings over 10 stories and begin immediate bulldozing to lower the surrounding hillsides over 96 feet in height. Then we would be truly in line with the lyric: “Everything is up to date in Kansas City. We’ve gone about as fer as we can go…”

The real question should be: What is Wheeler Airport doing to contribute to the economic future of Kansas City? Is it profitable? If not, perhaps we should close it and redevelop it with businesses and living spaces which will contribute to a sound economic future for Kansas City.

S. Preston Moore
Overland Park


T. Hanson

"The real question should be: What is Wheeler Airport doing to contribute to the economic future of Kansas City? Is it profitable?"

Oh yea.. Wheeler Airport is still used quite often. We have BeechCraft that flies out of there, plus many other private jets. Then that airport makes a great base for Lifeflight, SkyFox, and KMBC 9.
Then when the Blimp comes to town for games it is a great place for it to land, plus all the other uses that airport is known for, i.e. flight lessons and the museum. Also that airport can still land 737's (i.e. Air Force One landed there many times) and other jets that might need to be diverted for whatever reason, if KCI can't accept aircraft.

T. Hanson

Darn, I can't fly my lear down the Missouri River anymore? Ugg..

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