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December 19, 2007

Practically writes itself

We have the Paul Morrison sex scandal, Mayor Funkhouser’s feuds with almost everyone in city government and Clay Chastain’s obsession with mass transit.

We have the baseball/steroid revelations and stand-up “debates” by political comedians from both sides of the aisle who aspire to be our next leader.

And let’s not overlook the latest antics of our commander in chief and his administration.

The writers union ought to be worried. They can’t write stuff this good!

Tom Bryant



Like the swipe the letter writer took the other day with the Morrison affair topic where he mentioned Kline, a backhand swipe seems to fly in this section.


The writer just had to get in a swipe at President Bush without any substantiation and The Star just had to print it. Guess they are behind on their mandatory quota of anti-Bush letters for the week.


Problem is, when our political leadership is laughable, the joke is on we the people.

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