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December 01, 2007

Protect tourism

Recently, large factory farms have sought to set up concentrated animal feeding operations near Roaring River State Park, Arrow Rock and Battle of Athens State Historic Site. Such factory farms confine thousands of animals in close quarters and, understandably, their waste byproducts emit foul odors. In Missouri’s recent past, some factory farm waste containment systems have failed, spilling waste that pollutes streams.

Missouri is big enough — 68,674 square miles — that factory meat farms don’t need to set up near state parks and trout streams. Once a factory farm moves too close to a state park, word can travel fast that a vacation area stinks.

Tourism in Missouri is a $13 billion industry. And our state has one of the top five parks systems in the nation. But it’s doubtful Missouri parks can weather the perception by potential visitors that we’ve switched from the Show-Me State to the Smell-Me State.

Good neighbors can find sensible ways to keep our parks and factory farms separate.

John Robinson
Former director, Missouri Division of Tourism



No one likes a well cooked steak more than I but the conditions they keep the animals in are horrific. On top of that the industry is not local people making a living but big business imposing itself on communities. Not something Jesus would do, more like something Stalin would do.


Vegetarian - Ancient tribal slang for the village idiot who cannot hunt, fish, or ride.

PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals.

I am a carnivore do not mess with T-Bones...


These "food factories are cruel and sadistic to begin with, smell up the area for miles all around and are owned by people (companies) who do not have to smell them or be affected by them because they don't live nearby. They should (but never will) be outlawsed. M Vick is probably going to get the 3-5 years he deserves. This meat industry has institutionalized animal cruely.

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