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December 13, 2007

Say no to more war

Despite the official report that Iran halted its efforts for nuclear weapons four years ago, it’s likely Bush will continue to push for war in Iran at any cost. That’s the clincher here: at any cost.

We’ve lost nearly 4,000 troops, with thousands more wounded, in a war costing hundreds of millions of dollars a day. The Iraq war has destabilized the region and (according to CIA reports) created thousands of new terrorists. This has been quite the opposite of the “success” touted in the Orwellian “Newspeak” used by the current administration.

Continued war — expanded wars — enrich war profiteers like Halliburton and Blackwater but impoverish all the rest of us.

It’s time to look out for the people rather abdicating our brains and hearts to ideological lies.

No more money for Iraq. No more wars of aggression. We can no longer bear this cost.

A.J. Burdick
Kansas City



You are correct, we all have a right to what we want to comment on here. I do not post on threads where the discussion is political parties, right or left , which side is more stupid or how competent or incompetent our current or past administrations are. That is my right, my preference and I do not stray from that. Just because I find refernces to "thugs", "gangbangers", racist opportunists", the black community as a whole being a ghetto, needing flak jackets and groups of young blacks being criminals does not mean you have to object to the subject.

I do notice though that when I bring it up you usually will post in defense of the people saying these things, and pointing the finger at blacks.



No one is saying we shouldn't keep a close eye on them. What I'm saying is that it's irresponsible for the president to talk about going to war over pressing threats when there are none at this point in time.

And here's a novel idea: why don't we try talking to them? As we've discussed before, the carrot and stick model worked with Libya and appears to be working with N. Korea. I've yet to see one good reason why it wouldn't work with Iran.


You said people said "all" and that is incorrect. Do I think crime is more likely to happen in black areas? Yes, and crime records will back me up. However I do not think that all blacks are criminals. As to the ado at City hall, IMO it did have some racial bias as I do not believe it would have occurred if the City Manager were white. As for my comments I will make my own decisions as to what to comment on. I do not believe I have any responsibility for commenting on all subjects.


meant to say in that first sentence..."maybe I do too......


You must have selective interpretation of comments, maybe do too. The very first page of comments on the soccer park story has people speaking of the gangbangers who will destroy it and if you go you'll need an ak and a flak jacket. The thread contains many comments similar to that but maybe when you read them you thinks thats a reasonable assertion. The article today about an Angry crowd confronting the mayor has numerous refernces of Rev Thompson as a racist and others speaking to how racist blacks are. In these threads here today we have FredCorn saying The "thugs" fit better in Jackson County.

Why is it Engineer, that you never speak out against such postings like I do here if you in some part don't agree with them? Lord knows you have opinions on everything else here.


You are dodging. I've read the threads and nowhere do I find statements to the effect that all blacks are racists and all blacks are criminals. If you think you find such statements it is my opinion that you are overreacting and reading things into statements that they do not really contain. I did go to what we called "grade school" with blacks and did know and work with some black engineers. One of my high school buddies came here from Mexico when he was four and we were close friends from high school until his death. But I realize your remark was just a snide crack and that you did not really expect an answer.
I am perfectly aware that, as in the old saw, you should not judge another until you have walked a mile in his shoes. I understand that I cannot grasp and completely understand the perspectives of those of other races and those in other circumstances. But everyone must take some responsibility for their circumstances. And their circumstances are not all the fault of the white race.


I brought the point up because when i raised it a couple of weeks ago I was told those kind of comments were not the norm on these blogs. Since all you have to do is read the blogs today there is no point in my retyping comments. Read the threads and tell me the comments there are appropriate. And I've never said all the problems are all our fault. But, as with the middle east, you see yours(ours) as right and any other view as wrong.

Why don't you discuss race and perspective with your black and hispanic friends who you know well? Oops I forgot, I can't assume you have friends of either group, sorry.

Once again, read the threads, thats all I suggested.


"I'm sure its blacks fault some of the whites express themselves as they do, because most blacks are racist and criminal.(at least according to most of the posts)" Really, that isn't true. Could you point out some posts that say "all blacks are racist and criminal"? Some are just as some whites are. Your statements provoke responses because they seem to have the underlying though that all troubles are the fault of whites.


Did you read Thomas Friedman's op ed piece in today's Star? We still need to pay close attention to Iran. After all if they really were primarily interested in energy it would seem they would be concentrating on refineries so they would not have to import gasoline. And who can blame President Bush for being skeptical of our intelligence reports? After all the CIA told him that WMD's in Iraq were a "slam dunk".


In a Chucktatorship, will it be mandatory to have the Walker Texas Ranger lever in every home?



The black community by far uses racial slangs in public more than the caucasian crowd. Not all but most.
Caucasians have their share of ignorant a-holes, some are TPT, some are yuppie GOP types that are never wrong.
It just seems you can build something nice in a black neighborhoos and for some odd reason it gets rundown and trashed. Has nothing to do so much with race as it does with behavior and culture. I mean some people think WWF is real. Go figure.


“I don't get why Barbara Streisand or Chuck Norris seem to think I give a damn who they're voting for.”

Because, contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy. It is a Chucktatorship.


Sorry to go of topic but speaking of war, there are two interesting discussions on the main page of the Star today, some of you have contributed (nmmng)....one on race and gangs and the other on the soocer complex.

I'm sure its blacks fault some of the whites express themselves as they do, because most blacks are racist and criminal.(at least according to most of the posts)



I'm no Fonda fan either. I think Hollywood types have a right to their opinions, but they don't have a right to beat me over the head with them.

I don't get why Barbara Streisand or Chuck Norris seem to think I give a damn who they're voting for.


If I see Jane Fonda in anything other than the opening credits of Barbarella I turn the channel.

My phoneline was down for a few days, see I haven't missed anything. You do realize of course that Chamberlain was just the guy holding the bag of (expletive) that had spent 20 years filling up. A true political scapegoat.


Wow, that's sad Buddy. If that's the best you can do, maybe you should leave the posting to the big boys. At least people like Solomon and Engineer know how to have a real debate. Your non-sequiters and cop-outs are pretty embarrassing.


OH gosh,Neville was British, really....I could have sworn he was Obama's campaign manager!


It must take up a lot of your class time to spew this dribel and look of quotes to fit your preconceived blame America first rhetoric....Do you work with Iggy, or some other Tin Hat?

BTW glad to hear you are well adjusted, it is always nice to feel good about yourself, no matter how far gone you are, lol.....


"I know of no "neocon pinhead" who wants war."

Well, I do. Take it away, Norman Podhoretz:

“Well, if we were to bomb the Iranians as I hope and pray we will,” Podhoretz says, “we’ll unleash a wave of anti-Americanism all over the world that will make the anti-Americanism we’ve experienced so far look like a lovefest.”

Now, before you say old Norm is a nobody, you should know that he's a senior foreign policy advisor to the Giuliani campaign.

This guy revels in the idea of the world hating us.

By the way, Buddy, Neville Chamberlain was a British politician. Just thought you might like to know.


I feel great, Buddy. Totally happy, well-adjusted, loving my country and in the mood for Christmas. I worry about you, though.

It must be hell constantly having to remember the Gay Old Party talking points of the day, and being amped up for war on a constant basis. You've even admitted that you'd like to see us invade Mexico. Being so nutty must be exhausting.

And really, Jane Fonda? Time to click the refresh button on your boogymen, Buddy.

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