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December 22, 2007

Sports complex

I want to take a moment to thank the Chiefs and the Royals for not playing any late season games that would hold up the remodeling work. As of today, work is going on in both stadiums.

As we drive down I-70 we are now able to see our tax dollars at work.

Jerry Davis



Tax dollars at work? Oh how so many of the tax payers will benefit from bigger bathrooms, concourses and corporate box suites. Let's increases salaries while we're at it for already greedy players.


Here's a better idea than remodeling.

1. Sell the chiefettes to someone that knows how to run a football team instead of the silver spooned wannabe that owns them now.

2. Move them out of town, anywhere, to avert further embarrassment to Kansas City.

3. Pave over Arrowhead.

These guys; team, players, management, owners, and fans are the sorriest group of so-called major leaguers ever. Get lost!!

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