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December 06, 2007

Suburban arena

I wish to add my two cents to the debate on having a suburban arena in Independence.

I have always been in favor of having a small or midsize suburban arena in the KC area. As a resident of Lee’s Summit, I like the location of the facility that Global Properties is planning. With more residents coming into the Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs and Independence areas, there should be plenty of traffic for this new addition to financially succeed.

Several years ago I lived in Topeka, which at the time was home for a Central Hockey League franchise. I enjoyed attending the hockey games as a sports fan but noticed many others came simply because it was an affordable, entertaining evening for their family.

While the Sprint Center continues to pursue an NHL franchise, hockey fans here can get their fix with the CHL. Besides the chance for other minor-league sports at the new facility, I can only imagine the fun ways to utilize the place for trade shows, ice events and high school games during the winter months. I am really looking forward to adding events at this new facility to my to-do calendar.

Fred Liggett
Lee’s Summit



"fun" trade shows?

We need no more stadiums or arenas.

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