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December 31, 2007

Thanks to police

Kudos to the Kansas City Police Department. I was going north on Interstate 435 recently and was tailgated by a pickup truck. Trying to get out of his way to let him go around me, I finally got into the middle lane. I saw a police car to the right. He turned on his lights and pulled in front of me, allowing the truck to pass. He then got behind him and pulled him over.
A very strong thank you to our Kansas City police. If this happened more often we wouldn’t have the multi-car pile ups.
Also they wouldn’t have known what color our skin was from that distance. They were just acting on the violation.
I was taught to respect police and any authority figure. They have always been respectful to me when I got pulled over.
Just think about what they go through on a daily basis and walk in their shoes, before you are so critical of them.
Helen Rozgay
Sugar Creek



I would like to see more enforcement as such as well. Many sayd I wish I were a police officer and driving an unmarked vehicle on the interstates. The majority of people are simply blatant and have no regard of driving laws. Tailgating, speeding, no signal to change lanes, driving over the speed limit in bad weather because they think a 4X4 has magic powers, etc. And what is up with thiese idiots that have their seats leaned all the way back to the back seat? They think we are impressed? Grow up!

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