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December 08, 2007

Ticket scalping

The average Joe gets it again. Missouri is allowing scalpers and ticket outlets to give us the shaft. Last time, I checked, ticket prices were already too high. These people are legalized cheats. Right now, it would cost about $80 for a Chiefs ticket, $22 to park your car. So if there’s just two of you, it will cost close to $200 to see a Chiefs game — although this year they should pay you to go watch them.

How would you like to be waiting in line to buy a ticket, get to the window, and hear, “Sorry, we’re sold out.” Then a scalper says he will sell a ticket for an outlandish price. If this would happen to me I would never attend anything again.

Wise up, people. Your rooms at home look awfully good about now.

Don Witmer
Kansas City


Maybe we need a social program in place to ensure we get the tickets we are entitled to. While we're at it, raise taxes and then put stipulations on who "qualifies" for tickets. Married? Middle Class earners? SORRY! You don't qualify for tickets however, here's your tax invoice to pay for those who do. If you don't like the price of tickets, then don't buy tickets.

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