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January 22, 2008

Campaign filing oversight

Former Councilman and former Mark Funkhouser campaign treasurer Evert Asjes will get my vote for understatement of the year award and it’s only January (1/17, Local, “Bookkeeping error ‘our fault’; Squitiro says $80,000 in campaign funds is not missing and problem will be reconciled ”).

He may have “acknowledged that some people expect more from a former city auditor” concerning Mayor Funkhouser’s filing an incomplete campaign report that includes a large amount of unaccounted spending.

I am left to wonder if Mayor Funkhouser’s poor recordkeeping is indicative of his current work as our elected official that we don’t hear about.

P.C. Jaros
Kansas City



Unaccounted spending? You're surprised?
WOW! This is the first time this has EVER happend in government.


I did not vote for a Mayorial couple, but thats what we have.

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