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January 15, 2008

Cartoon wasn’t nice

Judge’s cartoon of Saturday (1/11) with the caption “The Bloch Building wins an award: Best tool shed 2007” was ill-timed, mean-spirited and unnecessary.

The very negative cartoon appeared only days after the Bloch Building was declared by Time magazine the No. 1 international “architectural marvel” of 2007 (1/9, Local, “Buildings in nation’s spotlight; The Nelson’s Bloch Building and the Liberty Memorial put KC on the map with architecture awards”).

Of greater significance is the callous disregard for the feelings of the Bloch family, the museum and the many supporters and friends of the Nelson.

In your defense, the cartoon did motivate my second letter to the editor in the 50 years as a Star subscriber and reader.

Charles Glenn
Kansas City



OMIGAWD! Now we are supposed to worry about someone being "insensitive" to a building! I understand that "insensitivity" is a horrible sin in the eyes of the P.C. But to a building?

Like my food, I just can't get up the energy to worry about the feelings of a chunk of concrete.


But aren't you supposed to keep sunlight away from oil paintings?


Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points.


Many have expressed dismay of the design and placement of the Bloch’s generous contribution to KC and the arts! Perhaps the detractors could plead for the Stars editorial board to sponsor a petition or referendum to have the building Razed!
Those who find the structure unattractive could change their driving routes or deny their patronage, but that would still leave a psychological, even physical blight on employees forced to work in an atmosphere they now find uncomfortable!
Concerned Citizens should also make their wishes known to some members of our City Council and petitioners for the “new” smoking ban!


I vaguely remember people getting up in arms about the shuttlecock sculptures when they went up. Now no one seems to pay them a second thought.


It's actually grown on me -- sure beats more of the same neoclassical architecture, and it does filter light wonderfully inside.


Sign me up as someone who is not bothered by something contemporary set next to an old yet still impressive stone building. I live near the Art Gallery and driving around the structure from all different angles there is nothing that looks like a tool shed about it. But of course art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.


Why is the cartoon offensive? The new building does look like a tool shed. The only time it looks halfway decent is at night... when it's closed.

And don't give me the "you have to experience it from the inside" argument. Anyone can make a building that looks nice on the inside and looks like crap on the outside. Plus, I've been inside, it felt like a cross between a modern biotech lab and a shopping mall.


Time magazine, what a great source for picking great people and items every year. I seem to remember a few of their choices are less than admirable.

The Bloch building is truly a great architectural piece, but its location is not beneficial to it, or the great building it sits next to, the grand Nelson-Atkins. In its location, it will never be more than a "tool-shed".

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