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January 18, 2008


Did you read the “Dennis the Menace” in the Sunday comics section?

Dennis was talking with his father, who was sitting at the computer. His dad was telling him all the wonderful things you can do with a computer: pay bills, shop, e-mail people all over the world, reconnect with people.

“It’s a wonderful communication tool!” he says, “It brings people together!”

Then Dennis asks, “Then how come you’re sitting here all by yourself?”

Something for us to ponder.

Rita Einspahr
Overland Park



I know it's redundant, but I still find it hysterically funny.

I once heard a commercial for whichever station in town advertises itself as "late breaking and investigative". They were promoing an "investigative report" on the dangers of riding escalators. They actually said, "Don't let your trip upstairs become a highway to heaven!"

You (or at least I) just can't make stuff up like that.

T. Hanson

I still like the quote from Family Guy:

Newscaster: "Something that you might be eatting right now will kill you! News at 11."


Sorry, I forgot!

"Armegeddan is upon us! Investigative report tomorrow!"

T. Hanson

Don't be dense, this is the world of sensualism there is no such thing as a common "cold". According to the 24 hour news networks it would be Meningitis, or Bird Flu, or Mad Cow, or Bubonic plaque. I think I will stay in, or how else could I bless you all with my feelings on certain topics.

Also I have not heard from Buddy for about 2 days.


Actually sit down and talk to someone? What if they have a cold?

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