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January 05, 2008

Democratic leaders

I want to agree with Joe Williams (1/2, Letters). Our new Democratic Congress has turned out to be a disappointing bunch of wimps. Now, whenever a national Democratic organization calls me begging for more money, I reply, “Have you brought home the troops yet? Have you impeached Bush? Have you tortured Rumsfeld?” And then I gently hang up the receiver.
I doubt that any of the bigwigs will ever get my message, but it sure makes me feel good — for a few minutes.
Jeanette B. Welch
Warrensburg, Mo.



Sounds to me as if she was making a joke.

But it does sound to me like you're in denial that revenge enters into the thoughts of our people who torture those they believe might be terrorists. It's human nature, Eng.


Sounds as if she wants to torture for revenge or to make herself feel better. No one on this blog has ever advocated that.


"Sounds like she is for torture."

As if you're against it.


Well, zz, after all they were Democrats that were calling her. If they had been Republicans now.....


So that explains why the democratic socialist party is in the crapper.

Take it to the next level, Ms. Welch. Next time there is an election, do the state/nation a favor - and not vote.

Thank you.


Of course there are wimps on the other side of the isle as well. Cheney, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Bush Jr., a whole slew of them.
Tough talkers but scram when the fight is on. Of course I do not endorse Democrats either, their bogus views on taxation, welfare, working class fathers, enterprise, and violating the US Constitution is disturbing at best.


Well old Jeanette is down there in Iggy's college town...maybe she talks to that nimrod at lunch...you never know....


Sounds like she is for torture. But she gently hangs up the receiver. Does not want to hurt the callers ears.


Jeanette actually talks to these people?

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