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January 09, 2008

Get what you pay for

We are corrupt, greedy and selfish.

Every one of us (rich or poor) expects benefits out of the public treasury, while unwilling to shoulder our fair share.

A country rich in billionaires and millionaires having a national debt is a disgrace. Constant demand for tax cuts is proof of our national kleptocratic psyche.

So let us not blame the politicians or the government. Let’s put the fault where it really is: “we, the taxpayers.” Or should I say “we, the thieves.”

Peter Theoharis



If you think "I am not going to take away from you anymore of the money and assets you have earned than necessary" is pandering and the same as "I am going to give you all kinds of things and I'll take the means to do so away from the evil rich" then so be it. The Country I fought to defend is IMO in much more danger from those who eat up this "something for nothing" line than it ever was or will be from al Qaeda or other terrorists.


Who is your third party candidate lower case? Bloomberg? Nader? Paul? Kookcinich?......

I love all this 3rd party bs, then it comes time for the nut cuttin...and guess what???


eng: Ah, come on. Republicans just pander to a different bunch. If Bush is the best our generation can do we will be justifiably held in contempt by future generations.

And when I look at those who have "offered" themselves as candidates for the future my heart sinks. My initial response to G.W. being elected was, "Well, the country has lasted through bad Presidents before." What worries me is it looks like, no matter who wins from this bunch, I will be saying the same thing again next November.

I wish that either Party would put forward someone that I wouldn't look at and say, "Is that the best they can do?" But it ain't gonna happen this year.

The time is ripe for a third party.


You might note that President Bush has turned back some of the attempted spending by the Democrat Congress. If you listened to Obama's speech after the NH primaries you heard unembarrassed pandering-we'll take it away from them and give it to you-from him. Republicans are far from perfect but much better than this.


I note all examples of politicians feeding at the trough are about one family belonging to one party. What's wrong? No resentment toward those on the other side? Wasn't Cheney in Congress long enough to be getting his "retirement" pay now? How about Poppa Bush?

They are ALL pigs and thieves.

There are two major political parties in the United States.

"Tax & Spend Democrats" and "Borrow & Spend Republicans".

And now that the Dems have found out that the Reps old cries of "financial responsibility" are crap, it's "All pigs attack the trough!"


Hey Pete you can pay my taxes if it will make you happy....I mean it is the least this "thief" can do to bring a little sunshine into your life.



Speak for yourself.


We are thieves for wanting to give less money to a corrupted gov. system that wastes money in proportions we "thieves" coundln't even begin to understand.
I read this yesterday about Bill and hillary clinton. Now get over it libs, cause we can find an examples about repubs one for one. it is not a demo bask here, this was just sent to me yesterday. Hillary after 4 years in the senate gets a full pension for life, all senators. if she becomes Pres. she would get the pensions allotted to both careers. bill will get his pres and governor pensions. If Hillary wins Bill could be appointed to her post to fill out the remaining time if he wished. They bought a home in NY for hillary to qualify and it costs was @ 10 million. With a 10,000 a month mortgage. But the mansion was not big enough for the secret service so they had to have another house built for the SS agents. Which is rented back to the Government for about 10K per month. And we are paying for it.
It is an orgy in Washin gton and NO ONE wants to be the spoil sport.
So Peter get a second and third job and send it all to your government officials. me i want the tax cuts. BTW, we are still paying taxes, it is not no tax vs. tax. It is less tax vs. more.

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