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January 26, 2008

Iran bombs report

I’m more than a little confused by the choice of headline Monday (1/21, A-1, “Fewer hit with Iran bomb; U.S. military officials say Iranian militants have smuggled fewer weapons recently”) because the first sentence of the article seems to contradict the premise of the headline by saying the bombs are only “thought to come” from Iran.

So which is it, are the bombs from Iran or not?

After a cursory search on the Internet, it seems that there are plenty of conflicting reports as to the actual origin of the EFPs (explosively formed penetrators).

Is The Star trying to rush us into another war? Aren’t two enough for now?

The last thing this country needs is more irresponsible reporting and misinformation.

Matt Nelson
Overland Park



To answer the letter writer: To the best of everyone’s knowledge the machined parts came from Iran. And it is rather difficult to do anything in Iran without the government knowing about what you are doing. But of course he knows that.

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