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January 17, 2008

Nuclear plant

I would like The Star to investigate the plan by the National Nuclear Security Administration and the General Services Administration to fast track a new nuclear weapons facility in south Kansas City across from the intermodal port at Richards-Gebaur.

Without a public hearing, a $500 million private project paid without tax money will be ready by 2009.

There’s no talk of cleaning up toxic waste from the present site at Bannister.

WMDs in our backyard!

We need U.N. Inspectors to check out this dire situation.

Elizabeth Smith
Kansas City



Miss Smith;
I can only assume you are either very young or woefully misinformed. The facility you assert a nuclear weapons plant is, in fact, nothing of the sort. It has, does and will continue to make NON-nuclear components for nuclear devises. The only materials to be found there are various metals. Titanium, Zinc, Brass, Stainless Steel, etc.

Fissionable materials, ie., Uranium or Plutonium are restricted to the nuclear weapons laboratories, Oak Ridge, White Sands, Wheeling and Lawrence-Livermore, not K.C.'s Allied Signal/Honeywell.

As to the statement, "WMD's in our backyard". Yeah, not as many since the sixties, but the few remaining ICBM's sit quietly in their silo's while you go about you're day. Kansas City has been a primary strike target since the fifties, where have you been? Oh, thats right, you weren't alive yet. Want a shock, hold a micro-rem counter up to you're smoke detector and see what happens. Thats right, it will react. Why, because you're detector contains a small radio isotope known as Cesium. Yup, radio active material in you're home. It's everywhere my young friend, the catalytic converter on you're car contains rhodium, x-ray machines, You're micro wave, everywhere. You are in more danger of radiation exposure at the doctors office than this plant. Wake up, do a little research.


Hopes dashed again. When I saw "Nuclear plant" I thought "electricity Generator" then I find it's a misnomer. Just off hand it would seem that it could well be time to replace a facility that is some 60 years old.

Stifled Freedom

I am glad to see this published. I said this before. Why contaminate another site? We already have plenty of government-generated messes as a result of weapons production.

But asking the Star to do real investigation is a stretch. I brought several stories to them and KCTV5 regarding big KC companies bringing in people from overseas on vistors visas and working them for 3-6 months in an office for less than minimum wage....and no tax burden. In the end, they did nothing. Too much work. Or management is in bed with them.

Investigative, to them, means looking up a sexual offender on the list, driving out to his house and shoving a camera into his face and asking "Why do you live here?" What does that accomplish?


The UN inspectors would not be able to find Richards-Gebaur.

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