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January 03, 2008

Pakistan crisis

There’s an elephant in Pakistan that every presidential candidate, except Bill Richardson, seems afraid to acknowledge.
It’s convenient to blame al-Qaida for Benazir Bhutto’s murder, but perhaps a bit disingenuous.
If Pervez Musharraf is as strong a U.S. ally as the Bush administration claims, it’s odd that al-Qaida hasn’t killed him.
The facts are that al-Qaida and the Taliban have safe refuge in Musharraf’s Pakistan, Musharraf’s strongest political opponent has been eliminated, and the election that could remove Musharraf has been delayed.
Musharraf changes Supreme Court justices whenever he wants and is probably still commanding the military.
It’s possible that Musharraf isn’t responsible for Bhutto’s murder. Nevertheless, his integrity and credibility are so damaged that he might as well resign. He will not lead Pakistan to democracy because dictators like him don’t gracefully give up power.
Mike Trier
Unionville, Mo.



Sure....we can trust Pakistan. Saudi too!
The love western culture.
Unfortunately partyline sheep are always in denial of fats and proof that slaps them right in the face. They spin it, try to sound educated with fancy pants answers. At the end of the day though, that region in the world is and always will be a sh**hole that we can not trust.

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