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January 04, 2008

Seniors’ health care

Here’s a heads up to Embarq and other corporations who plan to “dis” their retired seniors by completely eliminating health care (12/29, Business, “Embarq sued by retirees; Loss of health benefits is cited by 10 plaintiffs who hope to add thousands of others to the case”). Please know that the rest of the senior community is watching your actions, and what we find offensive, we don’t buy. We know health care is expensive, so how about some mediation, some give and take?
Blanche Williams
Overland Park



So sad. How much did Gary Forsee make while at Sprint/Embarq? More than a person ever shold need. He and 10 families could live high on the hog on what he raked in and for doing what?
Too bad we don't expect the same accountability and compliance to promises made from our very own government. Instead we cower like sheep and let them steal nearly half our earnings.

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