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January 03, 2008

Stress-free Santa photos

I would like to invite recent letter writer Ann Butenas to Raytown next year for Santa photos.
For the last three years, Rolland Studios Inc. has donated its time and resources to provide professional photographs with Santa. We ask for a $5 donation but have never turned anyone away. All proceeds go to the Raytown Emergency Assistance Program.
Several poses are taken and then posted on the Internet, where you choose your complimentary package.
Ken Blom of Stratford Development generously donates the use of the community room at Hidden Lake Senior Care Center and Retirement Apartments.
We have two Santas: Mike Dutoit and Raytown Police Sgt. Mike McDonough.
Photos are taken by a veteran photographer, Gary Martin, who has the experience of photographing 20,000 schoolchildren per year.
Best of all, the wait has been less than 10 minutes. Last year we raised more than $700 for R.E.A.P.
Steve J. Mullally
President, Rolland Studios Inc.



May you R.E.A.P. what you sow.

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