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January 03, 2008

Teens stereotyped

In response to Myles Thompson’s letter (12/30), it is a little unfair to stereotype my entire generation as technology-obsessed, selfish misanthropes.
Yes, there are some only absorbed in their own worlds who don’t bother to extend a helping hand, but do you really think that this is the result of their “gadgets”? Or is it the way they were raised?
I think it’s about time some of the “grownups” grow up and recognize that there are a lot of good young people out there willing to give of themselves for the betterment of humanity, and do so in the face of your glaring stereotypes.
Theresa Nelson
Overland Park



This really is a stupid discussion for us to be having. Teens are just that, teens! We all have been there. In fact we should have been on here writing comments when we were teens; that's when we knew everything. Ha
I teach and speak to students and teens all over the country, and have found a great many of them to be responsible and involved. But no matter what we do, in every generation there are going to be teens that just don't care, and it will always be that way. It's all about probabilities.

For all of you parents on here a piece of information for you about teens. The number one cause for your teenager to die, is a car crash. The number one cause for your teenager to suffer brain or spinal cord injuires, is a car crash. Please stress to your teens the impotance of being safe. Enforce them to wear their seatbelts, and if they don't comply, don't let them drive. It's that important!! Sorry about the soapbox, I just don't want anyone's teenagers to suffer needlessly.


Teens get stereotyped? Say it ain't true! I mean, they don't stereotype anyone do they?


This generation is fine, it's some of the culture that is influencing some of the kids and the parents that allow. That is the root cause.
I would be many parents found Elvis repugnant and wanted him hung back when he "shook his pelvis" (OH! How disgusting!).
The hip hop wannabe gansta culture is a big problem so is the typical I am a jock and can do as I please becuase I am a starter mentality. That's the problem. Don't blame technology.

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